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Northern Shaanxi Mining m88 casinoCompany held a July Safety Office and Safety Production Governance Three -year Action Promotion Meeting
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July 9,Northern Shaanxi Mining m88 casinoCompany held a July Safety Office and Safety Production Governance Three -year Action Promotion Meeting。Company Leader、The person in charge of the relevant department、Safety production control business special work at the main venue,The principals of grassroots units and the person in charge of production safety work attended the meeting at the branch venue。

The meeting conveyed and learned the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's general instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on flood control and drought resistance work and the first -line embankment in Tuanzhou, Huarong County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province,and the province's coal mines in the first half of the year gas super limits alert warning and monthly judgment meeting、The National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau Shaanxi Bureau July Coal Mine accident risk reminder、Shaanxi Coal Group's third quarter safety and environmental office meeting、Shaanxi Coal Group in July and in the second half of the year's safety production and national three -year action promotion meeting。The meeting notified the problem of safety work in the first half of the year、Completion of the Safety Production Treatment Tight Tackling、Safety and intelligent guarantee system usage、"Safety Production M88 loginMonth" activity and the ambulance team "physical skills" dual improvement of large training activities for assessment。Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company、Hanjiawan Coal Company made a exchange speech on the development of the three -year operation of the safety of production safety。The company's safety production department arranges the July safety work and the "three defense" and disaster governance work。Participating leaders emphasized their respective work,and arranged the next key work。

Meeting requirements,One must recognize the situation,Resolutely carry the responsibility of the main body of production safety。In the current special sensitive period、Incident high incidence,All units、Each department must pay attention to it、Action immediately,Learn from the recent and previous accidents,Insufficient detection of benchmarks、Grasp rectification,Fully eliminate hidden dangers,Build a safe bottom line,Resolutely carrying the political responsibility of security development。Two to be highly alert,Resolutely do a good job of safety precautions during the flood season。Decision deployment and work arrangement according to superiors,Picking the ground for the ground、Points such as power supply lines and other precautions,Strengthen monitoring and inspection and control; pay close attention to weather changes,Do a good job of monitoring and early warning,Strictly M88 appimplement the 24 -hour duty system in the flood season; implement high temperature safety prevention measures,Avoid blind spots in management; further improve various emergency plans,Improve the emergency response mechanism,Strengthen emergency exercise; strengthen emergency materials management,Do a good job of regular inspection and commissioning; decide to implement the rules of the general weather withdrawal,Build a safe defense line,Fully guarantee safety flood。Three must focus on the target,Orderly promote the task of tackling the base。Strengthen the organization leaders,Further pressing the main responsibility of the main body of the real safe production,Control list of custody tasks,Regular research、Summary analysis、Supervision and inspection、Coordinated coordination and urging various tasks to be implemented;,According to the requirements of the superior and this year's key work,Coordinated combined with daily safety inspections、Various problems found in the big investigation,Establish a closed -loop sales mechanism,Implementation of hidden dangers for problems、Rectification、sales number、Consolidation、Enhance the full -chain closed -loop management; responsibility is in place,For violating laws and regulations、Violation of red lines and other behaviors,Responsibility for serious investigation、Top Ben punishment。In the second half of the M88 gameyear,The company must further enhance risk awareness、Feeling consciousness,Implementation of decision -making deployment of superiors,Resolutely prevent and curb various types of production safety accidents,Continuous and stable safety production situation to ensure the company's high -quality development。(Zheng Qinyue)