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In the first half of,Facing the tightening of safety supervision、The test conditions are complicated and changing, etc.,Cadres and employees of northern Shaanxi mining companies conscientiously implement the province and city、Shaanxi Coal Group、Decision and deployment of Shaanxi Coal Industry and Company,Tightly focusing on the work positioning of the "year of safety production governance capacity" and "1118" work ideas,Seeking truth and pragmatic,Responsible for work,overcome difficulties,Realized the "zero serious injury" safety struggle target,Safety production generally presents stable and advanced、Stable and good situation。

When the Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Party is about to be held,The company must fully settle the spirit of important expositions and instructions of General Secretary Jinping on safety production,Adhere to "Two Fast"、Based on the "two fundamental",Put M88 app"strict、fine、Fine "general requirements run through the entire process of safety production,Strengthen the construction of dual prevention mechanisms and personnel behavior management and control,Continuously promoting the tackling of safety production,Resolutely prevent and curb various types of production safety accidents,Make every effort to promote high -quality and safe development,Gifts of the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China。

M88 loginWe want to take the three -year operation of the safety production of production safety as a hard task,According to "Extract 2024、Film 2025、Planning 2026 "requirements,Careful measures、Re -responsibility,Jiu Jiu is a merit、Fully attack,From the concept of security、Security rule of law、Safety Standards、Safety Engineering、Safety quality and other aspects to make up for shortcomings、Strong and weak items、Vulnerability,Promoting the remediation work project、Project Modification、Listing specifically,Further implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise。At the same time,"Two Opinions"、"Regulations on the Safety Production of Coal Mine"、"Hard measures" and other requirements are included in it,Integrated advance。Each special class must be highly responsible and mission,Implement various work tasks for special classes,Fully grasp the three -year action,Promoting three -year action in depth development,Make sure the target task is effective,Further consolidate the foundation for safety production,Promoting high -quality and safe development。

Focus on the problem to implement,Construction of the dual prevention mechanism for continuous deepening。We need to quickly organize in -depth research and judgment situation,Scientific evaluation risk,Find the most uneasy area、The weakest link and the most prominent question,Persist in classification and appointment,Continue to grasp major security risk prevention。Strengthen gas management,Deeply draw on accident lessons such as "1.12" coal mine in Pingdingshan, Henan Province,Against three,Carrying out gas prevention technology research,Sub -area、Classification clearly solve the specific solution of gas prevention problems; strict gas super limited control,Improved data、Reliable power is disconnected、Disposal the rapid monitoring system,Make sure that the monitoring is valid,Resolutely realize the M88 appalarm of toxic and harmful gas such as gas。Strengthening water damage governance,Strictly implement the "Five Must" and "Five Forbidden" requirements,Construction from the management agency、Hydrological Geological Survey、Completion of waterproof facilities、Exploring water measures Implementation、Establishment of Emergency Plan for Establishment of Exercise and other aspects to comprehensively strengthen the management of ore prevention and control,Keep the bottom line firmly。Strengthen fire prevention management,Strict fire operation management,Enhanced electromechanical transportation equipment inspection,Strengthening the natural fire prevention of coal seams,Regular fire hazards investigation and risk analysis and judgment,Strengthen the maintenance and adjustment of the natural fire monitoring system,Strictly prevent it、External cause fire,Make sure the risk does not control、Hidden dangers will not evolve。Strengthening top board management,Continue to grasp important places、Moving the top board safety management of special periods and other special periods,Sun Jiacha Longhua must do a good job of 30208 comprehensive mining surface over the concentrated coal pillar period ore pressure monitoring and on -site support。Strengthen mechanical and electrical transportation management,Compact and compact responsibility,Power supply system、The transportation system conducts a comprehensive investigation,Strengthen preventive testing、Maintenance、Repair,Resolutely eliminate the operation of the equipment with disease,Effective prevention and control of major safety risks of electromechanical transportation。Strict control of electrical welding、Ascending high -risk operations and installation and retracement、Unconventional homework such as the first mining and the end,Strict implementation of job ticket approval、Requirements such as rearing management and "no video without homework"。Accelerate the construction of NOSA's health ring system,Hanjiawan must continue to maintain the NOSA Anjian ring system Samsung standard,Sun Jiacha Longhua wants to optimize the system、Sort the scene、Specification Information,Accelerate the progress of the construction of the NOSA Anjian Ring system Samsung。Solid the investigation and control of hidden dangers of the accident,We must attach great importance to the law enforcement requirements of higher m88 casino-level penalties.,Highly vigilant about your own problems and shortcomings,Hidden hazard investigation can achieve "five points",Hidden dangers governance achieves "five must",Realize the dynamic dynamic dynamics of major accidents,General accident hidden dangers are thoroughly clear。We need to focus on the current period of concentration of the current period of extreme weather、Supervision and inspection at all levels,Enhanced political acuity,Strictly implement the supervision measures of the squatting point in the mine,Go all out to grasp the safe production,Ensure the safety and stability of the special sensitive period。

Precise dripping and strengthening effectiveness, and continuously deepen the management of personnel.We want to continue to promote the "zero three violations" team、Safety Management Standardization Team Create,Comprehensive implementation of the team grid of the team and the safety points management of all staff,Do the responsibility system for production safety,Implement "Two Lisencies in One Meeting",Efforts to realize district team self -control、Team Autonomy、Job autonomy,Effectively enhance the self -security consciousness of operators。To increase the intensity of on -site supervision and inspection,The main person in charge took the lead in anti -"three violations",Other personnel are brave in the "three violations" behavior bright sword,Form an anti -"three violations" high -pressure situation。Strengthen the "three violations" source prevention,Strengthen the comprehensive analysis of the "three violations",Carry out the "three violations" targeted help teaching。Manage the warning education and the "three violations" help classroom,Actively give full play to the deterrent effect of warning education,Let employees consciously stay away from the "three violations"。

Accurate and pragmatic implementation, and continue to deepen emergency and fire management.We want to carry out the "Mining Rescue Regulations" announcement,Strengthening emergency knowledge training,Improve the emergency rescue plan,With a strong emergency team,Make up for emergency equipment shortcomings,Reserve Emergency Rescue Supplies,Implement the emergency drill plan,Strengthening the emergency duty,Strictly implement the emergency withdrawal system,Comprehensive improvement of emergency management capabilities。At the same time,We have to keep an eye on key m88 casinoareas、Focus on key links,Precision Force、Multiple measures、Comprehensive policy,Strengthen fire propaganda education and training,Strengthen source control and fire hazard investigation and rectification,Strict operation site fire safety management,Construction obligations fire team,Strengthening fire science and technology support,Improve public fire protection facilities,Improve the emergency rescue ability of fire extinguishing fire extinguishing,Continue to open the life channel,Comprehensively implement the responsibility of the main body of fire safety。

This year's time is over half,Half -way affects the whole journey。The company must be soberly realized that the urgency of production safety in the second half of the year,Start from "Zero",Efforts to "zero",Abandoning fluke psychology、Take your foot thoughts、Concern mentality,Think about it in one place、Jiming to a place、Twisted into a rope,Active as,Precision control,Continue according to "Stable Words、Taking stability first、Safety work tone with stable security,Graspped implementation,Seeking truth and pragmatic implementation,Seeking truth and pragmatic implementation,Dare to do good for implementation。Let's have the courage to innovate、Dare to be the first qi、The vitality of unremitting struggle,Gathering Power,firm confidence,Resolutely fight and win the annual task target attack,Fully promote the company's safety production work to reach a new level! (Liu Shaojun, Safety Supervision and Management Department)