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Northern Shaanxi Mining Company organized the "September Five" World Environment Day Publicity Activity
Release time: 2024-06-05 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Wang Yu Xuezhi Cheng He Zhijiang Yang Nan Guo Hongxin & nbsp & nbsp Views: 750    Share to:

At the time of the 53rd World Environment Day,Northern Shaanxi mining company agencies and grassroots units have organized a promotional activity with the theme of "comprehensively promoting beautiful Chinese construction"。

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The company's organ organizes the vast number of cadres and employees to study and implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Watch the two theme promotional videos of "Green Love" and "Beautiful China Green Movement"。


The event issued an initiative to the majority of cadres and employees,firm confidence、Perseverance forward,Be the leader of the construction of beautiful mining areas; re -focus protection、Heavy boxing treatment,Be the guardian of the construction of a beautiful mining area;、Go in to new and go,Being a promoter in the construction of a beautiful mining area。


Last,Cadres and employees sign on the theme banner of "Comprehensive Promoting Beauty China Construction",Solemn promise to practice environmental concepts、Promote environmental protection、Fight as environmental guards。(Wang Yu)

Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company

Sun Jiacha Longhua Mining Company hangs publicity banners at the main activity venues、Place the publicity exhibition rack、Post Poster Poster,Signature activity of "Comprehensive Promoting Beauty China Construction" was held。


At the same time,Organization launched ecological environmental protection knowledge preaching activities,Set up a publicity consultation desk,Distribute more than 300 copies of environmental propaganda materials and publicity albums。I have carried out ecological environmental protection knowledge with awards,Content involving environmental protection laws and regulations、Carbon Dafeng and Carbon neutralization、Pollution prevention and other related knowledge。


Activity scene,More than 200 cadres and employees also actively participated in the mobile code scan code answer competition,Effectively popularized the basic knowledge of ecological environmental protection。(Xue Xiaocheng Hezhi)

Hanjiawan Coal Company

Hanjiawan Coal Company issued a book of environmental protection knowledge for cadres and employees,Xuan Guan's important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Ecological Environmental Protection Conference,Popularized "Code of Ecological Environmental Behavior",Organization watched ecological environmental protection warning educational films,Call everyone to start from "I",Start from M88 appsmall things,contribute to the construction of ecological and environmentally friendly mining areas。


At the same time,Carried out "Environmental Protection Knowledge Award Answer" activity,fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the majority of cadres and employees to learn environmental protection。


Last,Signature on the theme banner of "Comprehensive Promoting Beautiful China Construction",Singing "Beautiful China"。(Chen Shutian Yang Nan Guo Hongxin)

Information Technology Operation and Moving Branch

Information Technology Operations and Maintenance Branch puts the focus of the activity to each Zhiwei Center,Zhang Jiazheng Zhiwei Center issued the "Comprehensive Promotion of Beauty China Construction" for cadres and employees、More than 60 copies of environmental protection initiative,Organize volunteers to come to the river embankment road in the service mining area to practice environmental protection actions,Packaged the collected garbage,Classified into the garbage station。


Hongliu Linzhi Center organized cadres and employees to watch the Shaanxi theme promotional film "Beautiful China Green Movement Three Qin"。


Lemon strip Tazhiwei Center held a tree planting activity,Dig pits、Watering、Tree plant,Everyone with the heart of protecting the environment,Actively participate in the World Environment Day event,m88 casino reviewHelp the level of ecological civilization construction level to a new level。(Li Wen)