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Exhibition Weimi style, gather youth for power
Release time: 2024-06-22 & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Author: Chen Fan Hao Zhongjie & nbsp & nbsp Views: 1644    Share to:

What is the appearance of youth? It is sweat that can be sprinkled,It is a joy to learn,Dare to innovate,Breakthrough。In this hot season,Information Technology Operations and Maintenance Branch Hongliu Linzhi's young people are showing their youthful appearance,With full enthusiasm and innovative thinking,Contributing youth forces。

"25215 comprehensive mining work noodles emergency broadcast explosion -proof certificate expired,Need to be replaced。"This is the central security officer Liu Yuanzhao checked the standardization of the 25215 comprehensive mining work face equipment。Another side,Central Yunwei Workers Wang Zhigang is carrying two "post -00s" employees to update and debug the multi -fusion monitoring system independently developed by the center,"We have further upgraded the system,On the basis of the original sound and light alarm, the WeChat push function of the duty personnel and managers,further improved m88 casinothe center's emergency response speed。”

With the arrival of the safety production month,The young people of Hongliu Linzhi Center have shown their youthful power。

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In daily work,They combined with the actual work,In -depth production safety and education activities,Hanging banner、Paste the label、Watch the promotional data and other methods,Popularized safety production knowledge,Improve employees' safety awareness。At the same time,The young members of the group also drawn various disaster avoidance routes of the underground and ground,For fire,Different escape routes under the emergency situation of water permeability,The theme of responding to the monthly production month -safety channel。and the organization center personnel conducted a fire escape exercise,Make sure that each member of the center is familiar with the escape route。

In terms of safety work under the well。The young members of the center of the center proposed and carried out self -inspection and self -inspection work: each person checked 1 hidden danger per week and reported and rectified,At the same time, the young members of the group are still based on the actual work,proposed the standardized partition M88 appmanagement system of underground equipment,The underground equipment is divided into a standardized management in accordance with the regional and packed,Responsibility to people。This work greatly improves the standardization level of central equipment。

In terms of innovation work,The young members of the center play their own advantages,They use their own network programming capabilities,Research and Development "Hongliu Linzhi Center Workbet",Realized the interoperability of daily work arrangements and nail push systems,After the management personnel of the center completed the work arrangement in the work office,Just click Push to send the work arrangement the next day to each member of the center,The orderly development of the guarantee center。

Fire in the name of youth,Information Technology Operation and Maintenance Branch Hongliu Linzhi Center's young people are using their own efforts and hard work,Show the power of Hongliu Linzhi's center of transportation,They firmly believe in Gong Chongwei,Gong Weiqin。On the road to a good operator,They will move forward,Contribute to the company to contribute to your youthful power。(Chen Fan Hao Zhongjie)